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Make your drive safer, more comfortable, and more convenient

Auto dimming/backup mirrors can increase visibility, while backup sensors can give you peace of mind.

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Upgrade your rear view mirrors for added safety and convenience

Enjoy backup camera functionality, compass and temperature displays, garage door controls, and more.

Auto Dimming Mirror (Without camera)

Eliminate dangerous nighttime glare with our auto dimming rear view mirrors. Special sensors will detect glare and automatically dim the mirror accordingly. Additional options include:

  • Compass
  • Temperature
  • Home Link, a feature which enables you to operate your garage door or front gate, activate and deactivate your home’s security system, and turn your lighting appliances and electronics on or off.

Rear View Mirror with Backup Camera

Backup cameras provide safety and convenience when unseen hazards from behind can be a real challenge. They can be instrumental in preventing property damage and bodily harm, and help you maneuver through tight spaces.

When your vehicle shifts into reverse, the display automatically shows a real-time panoramic view of the rear of the vehicle. When the vehicle shifts back into any other gear, the display disappears seamlessly behind the mirror. You wouldn't even know it was there!

Get audible alerts with parking sensors.

Front or rear parking and backup sensors can alert you when any obstacle enters your path.

Sensor systems will scan several feet behind the vehicle. Once an object is detected, an indicator alerts the driver inside. Sensors are designed for plastic or metal bumpers, and are available in a range of colors so that they fit in seamlessly with your exterior.


Everything was handled with first class results. Thank you!

K. Tompkins

I was very pleased with the service in the show room and the speed of getting the work done on my truck. I am already looking to have other things done at Auto trim design. Thank you for a great product.

Michael M.
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