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Enhance convenience with remote start or keyless entry

Make your vehicle more easily accessible and comfortable from the moment you get in.

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Add convenience no matter the season.

Preheat or cool your car with remote start, and gain easier access with keyless entry

Temperature Regulation

Climbing into a frozen or sweltering car after a hard day at work is the worst. With a remote starter, your vehicle's temperature can normalize before you make the drive.

Warm Your Engine During Winter

Driving in the winter before your engine has had time to warm up isn't ideal, but time is precious. A remote starter can greatly increase the life and performance of your engine.

Increase Safety on the Road

Being able to defrost windows, melt snow settled on the top of your vehicle, or clear ice from side mirrors and headlights, can make the road safer for everyone.

Peace of Mind with an Alarm System

Tie your remote start in with an optional alarm system that fits so seamlessly and cleanly with your vehicle that no one will even know that it's installed.

Choose from basic to full-featured.

We have several models that meet a variety of needs.

Viper Remote Start Systems

Viper is the world's best-selling remote start and security manufacturer, using cutting-edge technology in order to provide the user with control, range, and a multitude of additional functions and features. We have a variety or kits to choose from depending on your needs.

"Remote Start Ready"

For newer vehicles, the new Remote Start Ready (or RSR) technology allows for auto start capabilities, but with no need for extra equipment, and allows one to use the same factory transmitter originally purchased with the vehicle.

Add control with Viper's smartphone app.

Access your compatible vehicle from virtually anywhere

Car Control Features
  • Lock/arm and unlock/disarm
  • Remote car starter
  • Trunk release, panic, and aux channels
  • Supports multiple vehicles and multiple drivers
Smart GPS Features
  • Vehicle locator
  • Speed and lockdown alerts
  • Alert if your car moves to or from a designated area
Smart Scheduling Capabilities
  • Behavior-based reminders
  • Weather and location monitoring
  • Commute scheduling
  • Alerts
Bluetooth Module
  • Connects your vehicle and smartphone
  • Automatically executes your commands
  • VSM50BT module required

Guaranteed Protection Plan

For alarm systems, Viper's one-year Guaranteed Protection Plan is the most generous in the industry. The plan refunds your comprehensive insurance deductible up to $2,500 if your car is stolen with Viper installed and armed, whether your vehicle is recovered or not!

We are a Viper alarm authorized dealer


Remote start installation was so neat/clean you can't even tell the system was installed.

Mr. M.

You have a very good staff that is knowledgeable about what you sell. Great service and I love my Viper!


Great customer service and the staff is a true pleasure to work with. My installation wasn't easy but you have definitely gained a repeat customer from this experience.

Kevin M., from Adamstown MD
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